"How schoolchildren can contribute to keeping our planet green and clean"



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The project 'How schoolchildren can contribute to keeping our planet green and clean' is connected with the ecology and will be carried out by students aged 11– 15, within the period of 2 years from September 2010 to June 2012. The main aim of our project is the promotion of ecological issues and involving a wide group of teenagers, and local citizens in the ecological education. The project also aims to make students’ be aware of their contribution to preserving nature, to inspire the teenagers to conduct initiatives and practical actions due to the environment protection, to promote different solutions that have a significant influence upon the improvement of the environmental condition of our planet. Students will develop creative thinking and manual abilities through making different art works. During the project pupils will celebrate the Tree Day, the Earth Day, the Car Free Day, the Water Day, World Environment Day and participate in such campaigns as Clean Up the World. Children will take photos of local environment, and after that they will prepare the exhibition 'Beautiful nature'. Students will get to know about projects run by local authorities and the European Union in order to preserve nature, reduce pollution. Schoolchildren will work out their own ways of environment protection. They will segregate waste and encourage school and local societies to undertake the similar actions. The youth will create different works of art connected with the ecological issues and then they will organize exhibitions of their works in order to show other students how important is recycling.



 The project is financed by the European Commission within the framework of Comenius LLP Programme.

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